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A Paradigm Shift

The conventional medical model is largely engaged in a futile war against evolutionary biology, in which the goal is to outrun and outsmart nature. If we have learned anything from the early 20th Century "magic bullet" of antibiotics, it is that the critters will always win. The 21st Century has seen the expansion of the vaccine model, which will ultimately reach its culmination with the same fate as its antibiotic cousin, disease strain resistance. This race is not only economically crippling, but it is devastatingly damaging our individual and collective immune systems.

Time for a paradigm shift!

Rather than weaponize, we need to harmonize. The centuries-old practices of Homeopathy and Homeoprophylaxis allow our immune systems to come into resonance with the pathogen, neutralizing our susceptibility, while at the same time, expanding our consciousness to receive the wisdom of the particular expression of nature which comes to us in the form of a microorganism.

I INVITE YOU... to do your research, to open your mind to other possibilities of wellness, to create a personal intention to walk a path of living in true harmony with the the Earth and all her inhabitants, with each other, with oneself, and with Spirit. Once you take a bold step in that direction, the way will open up to you, sometimes in grand gestures, sometimes in whispers.

Develop the skill of listening and believing in your OWN inner wisdom, as you being to harmonize with the wisdom of nature and the truth of Spirit.

The body never lies. Ask your body what it wants. The more you listen and act in accordance with what your body is messaging you, the more your body will reveal, and the more you will learn to decipher the messages.

You can do this! We can do this. Together, we can make the leap into a new paradigm of healing and wellness! It is a place filled with inspiration, relational living, meaning, and love for all beings. I look forward to meeting you there.

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