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​Rates are tiered, based on demonstrated household income.* Please inquire with any questions. 

  • Tier 1:  $500K and up, Initial Visit $600, Follow up $250

  • Tier 2:  $200K to $500K, Initial Visit $500, Follow up $200

  • Tier 3:  $100k to $200K, Initial Visit $400, Follow up $175

  • Tier 4:  up to $100k Initial Visit $300, Follow up $125


* Income may be demonstrated for Tiers 2-4 with the most recent tax return ( please black out social security number). 

Tiers are determined by the gross household income of the latest tax return; this includes all adults in the household, whether filing jointly or individually.

All visits will be billed at Tier 1 unless other income is demonstrated. 

Full payment is expected at the time of each visit

by cash, check, debit/credit card, or Paypal to

HSA and FSA eligible.

Note:  All debit/credit cards are excepted., a fee for credit cards of 2% will be applied.

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