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HPx Programs Offered:

  • Healthy Biome HPx Program:  establishing the foundation of life and vitality.

  •  Full Childhood Immunological HPx Program: for healthy childhood development and intact immune systems.

  • Healthy Sexuality and Pre-Procreation HPx Program: alignment and corrective immunity to the divine order of life to harmonize sexual relationships and procreative viability.

  • Young Adult and College Prep HPx Program: the emergence of true self and critical thinking through immune system stimulation of the maturing individual.

  • Travel HPx Programs: healthy immune systems while expanding world view

  • HPx for Healthy Pregnancy and Fetal Development: releasing inherited afflictions to liberate your offspring. 

  •  Immune Health for Seniors HPx Program: activation of immune system memory supporting the role of elders in family settings.

  • HPx for Tick-Borne Illnesses: healthy interdependence and  harmony with nature and each other;  breaking the patterns of co-dependence

  • Single Disease HPx Program: Variable, depending on the season, climate, and socio-political issues. Occasions: seasonal influenza, radiation, pandemic, environmental influences, other.


The Immune System Educator

The goal of HP is to give the developing immune system a mild immunological stimulation towards a variety of infectious disease processes using homeopathic nosodes. A nosode is a homeopathically attenuated, ultra-diluted preparation of a pure disease agent.  Due to this attenuation, there is no actual disease agent in the nosode. It works under a different mechanism of action than conventional vaccination, and it educates the immune system in a complete way, giving the immune system a safe ‘immunological rehearsal,’ or education process, to build immunity.

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