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Homeopathy in the Age of Covid-19

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

March 28th, 2020

These last few weeks, for the world at large, and also for our

homeopathic community, have been a time of exasperation, urgency,

confusion, conflict, grief, all together mixed with clarity, cooperation,

introspection, and most of all, a desire to “fulfill our high and only mission,”

as homeopaths, “to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.”

Homeopathic teachers and leaders from around the world have generously

dedicated their time and energy to share their ideas and experience of what

is working and what they think might work. Conversations abound of Genus

Epidemicus, the constitutional approach, the nosode, all with the ardent

passion that one would surely expect from our tribe.

I must admit, alongside the concern, exhaustion, and gravity, there is

new energy stirring for us as homeopaths. We prepare our whole career for

something like this. With the world facing an infectious illness without a

vaccine nor barely any effective allopathic medicine, we are experiencing a

rare window of opportunity in our modern times to show the world what

homeopathy can do. Many people are waking up to the hard fact that not

their doctor, their medical system, nor their government may be able to

come to their rescue with their health. The convenient illusion of placing our

health in someone else's hands has shattered, and the fact that each person

must ultimately be responsible for their own health has become crystal clear.

With this realization, people are realizing they need to take better care of

themselves - improving their nutrition, resting, spending time outdoors,

looking to herbs and other natural supplements to boost their immune

system. And, people are reaching out for homeopathy in unprecedented

numbers, as homeopathy is a medicine of self-empowerment. I’m sure that I

speak for most homeopaths when I say that I have been working round the

clock these days, and not just on the epidemic - people are clamoring for

homeopathy. Many homeopathic pharmacies are so backlogged that they

have stopped taking orders until they catch up. Remedies that have been

broadly recommended (like Arsenicum album ) are out of stock completely

throughout India and Europe. I remember I used to hear this line a lot when

I first started practicing over 25 years ago - homeopathy is the medicine of

the future. It seems that finally, our time has come.

As homeopaths, we are doing our best to rise to the occasion. We

have been tuning in to webinar after webinar, all of our homeopathic stars

giving it their very best. And we are all incredibly grateful for the guidance.

Yet, each of us homeopaths, at the end of the day, must ultimately decide

for ourselves how to approach this challenge in front of us - philosophically,

theoretically, and practically. It is ultimately our own wisdom that paves the

way for the remedy needed to come alive, as Hahnemann says, in the

Organon, Aphorism 102. The following is a snippet of my own process from

the last few weeks, and I share with the hope that it may inspire you to

have confidence in your own inner wisdom.

The most fundamental question in homeopathy… What needs to be

cured? In analyzing a case, it is the first place we start. In all the webinars

and remedy suggestions, I am not hearing this question being asked very

much. Many of our remedies seem to be working for this virus - Camphora

officinarum , Squilla maritima , Arsenicum alb, etc - yet the acute states that

these remedies are addressing, respectively - shock, excluded/pushed out,

anxiety, etc. are acute manifestations of the deeper, chronic disease state of

our human collective. So, again I ask, What needs to be cured?

Personally, I believe that the most fundamental derangement of our

collective vital force is our skewed relationship to the Divine Feminine. In

ancient times, the Sacred Feminine was honored as the mother of life,

growth, decline, death, and rebirth , intricately woven into life and the

mystery of life itself. Human beings were deeply in synchronicity with the

rhythm of the planet. We knew that the feminine aspect of life was

necessary for our ability to live in harmony with the world, the key to our

very survival. What needs to be remedied, for both males and females, is

our collective remembrance